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House I — Light and fine carpets

Already when you are entering the entrance area you are welcomed by a wonderful Tabriz rug. All colours in the close environment you can find again in the carpet, a perfect design.

In the living room a delicate and subtle dream of a carpet in powder tones invite you to stay. It completely integrates itself and shows its beauty only on closer inspection — this is the way it should be.

The light and the dark side of the carpet result in completely different pictures. If you enter the room, usually the light side is shown in order to see the silk.

In the open dining area a colour-themed carpet emphasizes the comfortableness of the room. All smoky blue tones of the upholstered chairs can be discovered in various subtle colour variations in the rug.

Also in the TV and reading lounge the light rug perfectly rounds off the relaxed ambience. The wool white elementary tone with the light shades of nougat provide the room with a cosy atmosphere.