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House II — Old Sarough carpets

It has an extraordinary attraction to design a completely modern type of house with old re-imports. Here you can see a Sarough rug in vanilla ground tone with unusual old pattern — a tremendous rarity.

In the summer, when the light is bright, you can lay the carpet showing its dark side into the room. In the winter when it is gloomier, you can lay the carpet showing its light side into the room. So you have different room design possibilities and also take care of your carpet.

An old Sarough rug in the popular light salmon tone combined with a black leather sofa, this is a successful composition. The straight environment and the carpet complement each other.

This is an exciting corner of the house — a charming old bureau, a modern dining table and as a combining element a very beautiful old velvet-Keshan rug.

Almost stylish effects are created by this old Sarough-Ferahan rug in warm shades of apricot combined with the black audio furniture. The elementary colour of the rug casually repeats itself in the flowers of the painting.

A beautiful contrast — here the old Sarough rug emphasizes the modern ambience.