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The design

There is no limit to the artist’s imagination. In each region own patterns have been created and maintained. As a consequence the pattern often leads us to the province. The border is of great significance. It frames the carpet field in an effective way.

The drawing of a sketch of a Keshan-border on millimeter paper.

The colouring

In rural areas you can still find the herbal colouring with old recipes. In the past the spun wool wasn’t coloured in a bunch but separately. This results in the shine and colour of the old carpets. The pile is lively and reflects an endless amount of colour shadings.

The wool is cooked in a colour bath.

The drying of the wool

The fine wool of the fat tail sheep is of high quality. It provided the Persian carpet with a good reputation of durability. Here you can see the drying of the wool in the sun.

The coloured wool has been hung conscientiously for air drying.

The knotting

The making of a carpet starts with the fixing of the warp threads on the knotting loom. All warp threads must be tightened evenly in order to avoid any twist of the carpet. Before the first knotting row a Kelim is produced which stabilizes the whole knotting work.

The former empress Farah Diba in front of a knotting loom.

The washing

When the carpet has been finalized and the wool has been trimmed, it is washed with hard soap and clear water. In that way all wool left-overs and fluff are removed.

Workers washing carpets

The drying of the carpets

After the washing the carpets are dried in the hot sun. Afterwards each piece must be tightened. For that purpose the carpets are fixed on a frame.

The carpets are spread out on a big place which is guarded day and night.

The bazaar

In a bazaar there are thousands of traders. Every day carpets are sent to all countries of the world. The Persian carpet still enjoys the reputation to be the most valuable carpet.

A wholesaler during negotiations

The delivery

Finally the rugs arrive. Full of expectations they get unpacked. The customers get informed and are pleased about the new consignment. Perhaps your carpet will also be among them.

Carpet bales in front of the shop