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The Owners

Even during his studies in Berlin the young Mr. Sami has been asked to bring an original silk rug from Persia.

Ingeborg Sami studied history of art and also taught this subject later on. “This was the time when Beuys exhibited his art the Dokumenta in Dusseldorf for the very first time, an exciting time.”

Of course she knew Persian carpets from her parent’s home but only when she met her husband and they visited together Persia, she discovered the beauty of those carpets being like pieces of art of the land of thousand and one night.

The idea to import those exquisite carpets to Munich was put into action immediately. So the art teacher and auctioneer Ingeborg Sami from Landshut and the businessman Mehdi Sami from Teheran founded their own gallery in 1979.

The successors

Their son Sam and his wife Astrid are also nowadays looking forward to guaranteeing all their dearest customers an exquisite service and that they will derive pleasure from their rugs for decades.