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As all valuable objects, carpets also need a certain care. It is not elaborate but considerably extends the value and the pleasure you derive from your rug.

A washing makes sense every 5 to 10 years, depending on the extent of use. Beforehand, the carpet is examined for possible damages which can appear without notice due to the long period of usage.

The edges of the rug and the shirase should always be intact as they are the basic framework. If a hole or a crack came into the carpet, you should not wait too long for the repair as the damage gets only worse.

A repair can be carried out by applying different methods. They should stand in relation to the value of the carpet.

If some parts are more used than others, it could result in heavy signs of usage. You can avoid this if you turn the carpet by 180 degrees once a year.

If you don’t like your carpet any longer or if your rooms change, we can take it in exchange for another one.

In cases of insurance claims, we will help you with the processing.

For all questions concerning your carpet, we are always at your disposal. Please simply call us on: +49-151 25 34 98 88.